Monnem Bike – Where it all began

Mannheim, the city where two wheels began to turn together. In 1817, Karl Drais invented the bicycle in Mannheim. It is indispensable up to today! In celebration of „200 years of the bike“ many bike-related activities and projects will take place Mannheim over a number of months. Come along and celebrate with us!



“2 wheels – 200 years” (2 Räder – 200 Jahre)


For the anniversary, the TECHNOSEUM is putting on a major national exhibition “2 wheels – 200 years” Baron von Drais and the history of the bicycle”. The exhibition will include the origins of the bike, the historic development right through to today’s bicycle culture and issues concerning how to make towns suitable for bicycle use.

“Fifth national bicycle conference”
(5. Nationaler Radverkehrskongress)
03 – 04 April 2017

At the invitation of the Federal Ministry for transport and digital infrastructure, approximately 800 experts from town planning, policy, economy and transport will discuss the future of mobility and a more bicycle-friendly transport policy. The conference, which takes place every two years, is the largest and most important conference for cycling in the German-speaking world.


(Monnem Bike – Das Festival)
10 – 11 June 2017

The history of the bicycle started on 12 June 1817. The festival is therefore the central highlight of the year – a great “Birthday celebration” in the middle of the city. Bike parades will roll through the streets and bicycle performers will show off their skills. The recumbent world cup and the “World Klapp” (folding bike race) events will be quick and loud on their circuit around the water tower. And of course the original hobby-horse race will also be part of the birthday party celebrations. The interactive artistic and cultural bicycle activities will give the city a whole new atmosphere of adventure.

VRN Mobile Cinema

Do you fancy going to the cinema in the open-air?  In total, there will be ten invitations from the “VRN Mobile Cinema” to unusual locations, to watch films all together. Whether it’s a carpark, an industrial building or open fields, the location is only announced at the last minute.  Power for projectors, popcorn machines etc. is not required – as this will be produced by the cinema-goers themselves on site with bicycle wheels on stationary bike trainers.

(Monnem Bike – Die Show)  16 SEPTEMBER 2017

Open-air spectacle in the castle courtyard

Karl Drais started his famous first ride in front of the castle. The magnificent building forms a fitting backdrop for a unique finale. In a multivisual journey of theatre, music and light, the global triumph of the bicycle will be enacted and celebrated – and at the end a grand gesture will be made to thank its inventor.


International Cycling Conference 2017
19 – 21 September 2017

The International Cycling Conference is an innovative, interactive and engaging event. International researchers and practitioners will be meeting to discuss the role of active mobility in the modern world, joining up academic, policy and practice thinking. An innovative format will bring together representatives from research and practice from all over the world and engage on active mobility as a sector of action and research.

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